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Humbly asking for your VOTE on August 30th to continue to serve the children of Flagler County!

Great People for a Great Cause

Our Campaign

Dear Flagler County Neighbors and Friends,

It has been my honor and privilege to serve on the Flagler County School Board.  I believe I have the experience and passion to keep students front and center during these challenging and exciting times. My platform has never changed. While navigating legislative changes, dealing with the ongoing challenges of unfunded mandates, the erosion of local control and the states ever changing accountability system; we must NEVER lose sight of the academic, social, emotional and physical growth of our children. I promise you I will continue to examine programs, policies and curriculum that address the whole child.

I completely believe in the purpose of public education and the need to provide opportunities for ALL children. I have a keen understanding of what it takes to be in the classroom and have spent time in the trenches. Additionally, I’ve spent the last several years in the business, non-profit and post-secondary world. This combination has provided me with a wide range of perspectives and leadership opportunities. I am humble enough to admit when I’m wrong and strong enough to stand up against the tide when I feel our students, teachers and families are being attacked.

I take my role as a School Board member seriously and work hard to provide a passionate voice for those who struggle to speak for themselves or are often ignored. To be an effective school board, we must work together, collaborate, share and respect each other’s talents and opinions.

I believe we have a clear vision for Flagler County Schools and desire to be the best of the best. Being an active part of the Flagler County community, I have had the pleasure of working with numerous entities and organizations all dedicated to providing the best opportunities for our students. I believe in being fiscally transparent and accountable to the taxpayers of Flagler County and strive to make myself available at all times.

This campaign is about one thing: the continued success of ALL children.  We’ve succeeded more than anyone predicted during my time on the school board. However, I am all about keeping it real! I fully recognize that we have work to do to truly be the premiere learning organization in the nation.

I promise to continue to be a passionate advocate for our students and all those who are part of the Flagler School District family. I humbly ask for your vote on August 30th!

Educationally yours,

Colleen Conklin

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If it takes a village to raise every child, it takes a strong community to educate all of them.  Join my team of volunteers dedicated to the improvement of every school and every Flagler student.

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A Life Spent Dedicated to Children

My Commitment to You

I believe every child deserves a strong start to their lives and that start is education.  I’ve seen firsthand what can happen when I child is given the proper support and tools to succeed.  Tell a student they will excel and they will believe you.  I’ve taught classrooms where students start slow and end strong because I believed in them and set standards for them to meet.  Based on my experience in the classroom and school boardroom, I’ve come to believe that school districts succeed when they realize 10 ideas.  If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a strong community to educate her.

I believe:

  • Children learn best when we give them standards and the resources to meet those standards.
  • Children must be motivated to become active, lifelong learners.
  • Education prepares Children how to live, work, and communicate in the digital era.
  • Children want to learn.  It is the job of our School District to develop the programs that tap into the potential of each child and reveal their individual strengths.
  • As a School Board member, it is my duty and responsibility to manage and operate our district so that it embodies all of these above beliefs.
  • Parents and Residents have ideas and thoughts that can make our district even better.  I want and seek input from all community members about these improvements.
  • Teachers work best when they are well-trained in different teaching styles and technology.
  • Parents and teachers are a partnership that makes all education better.
  • Federal and State Governments made a promise to the children of this country to give them the education they deserve.  Part of my job as a school board member means I want to hold them to that promise.
  • Education is a community project.  It involves local business and community leaders as well as parents and guardians to succeed.

What I've Done:

Accomplishments during my Time on the Board

  1. Expanded Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics opportunities for students in elementary school.
  2. Supported and encouraged the development of our Flaglership programs. The flagships are part of the Classroom to Careers Initiative. The goal is to prepare our students for the ever-changing workforce and connecting them to relevant and local industry opportunities.
  3. Supported the development an Early Warning System to identify students who may be at-risk of falling behind
  4. Supported the expansion of the Flagler Youth Orchestra
  5. Increased high school graduation rates every year for the last five years
  6. Created more opportunities for expert teachers to train new teachers and help other teachers improve.
  7. Earned invitation to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation conference for improved teacher effectiveness.
  8. Increased local business contribution for school supplies and student improvement.
  9. Used local business to increase career opportunities for all students, including Sea Ray.
  10. Developed new plans for better student safety at bus stops and during bus transportation.
  11. Supported and encouraged crisis training of all students and staff, including bus drivers, on the proper safety procedures in all schools and district buildings.
  12. Recognized as an Apple Distinguished school district .
  13. First district in the state to provide students with one to one technology.
  14. Supported the construction of several new schools and major renovations in aging facilities.
  15. Earned the rank of Best High Schools by U.S. News and World Report

Committed to your Kids

Education isn’t just a profession to me, it is a calling.  I believe in every student’s ability to learn and lead a happy life.  I will continue the fight to improve the academic success of every Flagler student, from kindergarten through high school, as a means to prepare them for college and beyond.

I am dedicated to the emotional and social health of our students. As a mom, I’ve seen the stress our children go through every day with. I’ve worked hard to educate myself and other parents about the dangers of cyberbullying and the dangers of social media. I’ve witnessed the heartbreak of a parent who’s left with questions surrounding the loss of their child. I’ve held virtual town halls on Suicide Prevention. I’m listened to students and parents about the challenges they face each day. I’ve worked with parents and students to revise our bullying policies, support the initiation of training programs for teachers to spot the warning signs of students in distressed.

I support recess – EVERYDAY for students and understand the need for physical activity on healthy brain development.

Dedicated to the Community

Many people think it takes great populations to create great school districts.  In Flagler, we are proving them wrong on every count.  As the fastest growing county in Florida, I want to continue to raise the bar and show the state our kids can compete with anyone.

What I Want to Do Next for You:

I believe school districts work best when they create a collaboration between the students, the staff and each particular school.  Therefore, I have several goals to improve each segment of the district through 2020.

  • Increase graduation rates by a minimum of 15% – pushing towards being the first school district in the nation where 100% of our students graduate with either a traditional high school diploma, GED and or industry certification.
  • Increased math and science rates by 15% – re-imagine and reinvent our science and math programs at the secondary level to support hands on lab experiences for students.
  • Increased and expanded education options to include project based learning, alternative scheduling and the increased use of industry certifications and internships for secondary students
  • Expand mental health services to all students
  • Support teacher training in suicide prevention awareness and strategies for prevention
  • Revise and expand our online system to report and track bullying
  • Promote new policies to increase student academic success across the district
  • Increase state funding for all Flagler County schools
  • Increase the amount of money we receive from the state for every fulltime student
  • Decrease the amount of local tax dollars we lose to the state and keep more of it in Flagler County

Constantly ask us to refocus on educational outcomes; reimagine education programming to meet the needs of today’s students and recreate pathways to a future workforce!

I’ve worked to accomplish many of my goals in my 16 years as a school board member.  So it is time to set new ones.  During the next four years, I want to:

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